So, here you are with your prized possession.

You’ve probably driven by dozens of times saying, “I really need to get those things out and frame them.” So do it! Bring whatever you have in and the first thing we’ll do is get some history from you on the piece. Where did it come from and where do you want it to be placed once it is done? These are important questions that will guide us in the design process of selecting matte colors and materials, moldings (the actual frame shape and material), mounting options and glass options. We want your finished project to represent everything you had in mind before your visit. So fill us in!

MapWe’ll help you design your project to meet all of your specific needs. From children’s art, to family heirlooms, to sports memorabilia, to fine art prints and everything in between-we will not only match materials for design aesthetics, but overall cost of materials and executions to the value of your subject matter. Your child’s first finger painting may be “priceless” in terms of your emotional attachment. And we handle it as we would a fine art print, or an irreplaceable antique needlepoint, or a one-of-a kind autographed pro sports jersey. We know that you wouldn’t be bringing it to us if it wasn’t very special.




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